• Sassy Dezines Stiletto Vases
        A great centerpiece for any party.
        Weddings, Bridal Showers, La Quinceañeras,
        Sweet 16, High School Reunions, Anniversaries,
        Fashion Shows, Wedding Proposal, Graduation,
        Birthdays, Best friends, Proms, Bat Mitzvah,
        or any Party.
      • Beautiful stiletto Vases
        Bright Delft Blue stiletto vases will be great
        for your next party!
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        Get greater discounts with larger orders:
        10% off for 10 - 19 items
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      • Pretty In Pink
        Bright pink ceramic stiletto high heel shoe vase.
      • Black with red heel Stiletto Vase
        Be the first in your circle
        to have a different and exciting centerpiece.
      • Pearlized Stiletto Vase
        Add elegance to your centerpiece vase
        with a pearlized shimmer that adds
        a beautiful color to your vase.
      • A great gift to put the items inside the stiletto shoe vase:
        Manicure Scrubs
        Body Scrubs
        Bath Salts
        Pedicure Soaks
      • Add Bling
        Add diamonds to the toe of the stiletto vase.
      • Polka Dots are HOT!!
        Definately a party with dots!
        Its fun, its exciting, its vibrant.
      • Order your vase now!
        For the home
        For the party
        Just for fun
      • Order your vase now!
        For the home
        For the party
        Just for fun
      • Order your vase now!
        For the home
        For the party
        Just for fun
      • Order your vase now!
        For the home
        For the party
        Just for fun

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Elegant black vase with red sole.
Flowers not included. Any florist can do a floral
design for your wonderful event.

Gold & Silver high heel vases!

Red high heel vase - beautiful for your loved one!

White with red polka dots - uniquely arranged for your valentine.

Chic high heel vase!

Silver & gold high heel vase!

Give a vace as wedding favors

Beautiful wedding centerpiece for today's Bride

Elegant Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Unique wedding reception centerpieces

Do it Yourself Centerpiece

All items offered here are individually handcrafted which serves to enhance the unique qualities of our ceramic pieces. Our finished products are of the highest quality. All items can be special ordered using colors that will enhance your special celebration.

We also wish to simplify your shopping experience by being your online store which you can visit at anytime within the comfort and convenience of your own home. We greatly value and appreciate your shopping confidence and promise to bring you the greatest value, quality, service and selection possible.

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Champagne Flute
to match your
high heel vases


Cowboy Boot Vase
And High Heel Vases
What could be more cool?





Do it Yourself Centerpiece
do it yourself wedding centerpieces
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What woman doesn't love Shoes?


Who doesn't want to receive a sensational high heel centerpiece?


Get some for your next party, upcoming wedding or festivity?


We have a beautiful handcrafted

High Heel Shoe Vase just for you or your loved one!


7 1/4 " long

3" wide

5 1/2" high


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Sprinkles High Heel Vase
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Cowboy Boot
Exotic Boot
Champagne Flute
Margarita Glass
Martini Glass
Frog, Turtle
Clown, Indian


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Get greater discounts with larger orders:
  • 10% off for 10 - 19 items

  • 12.5% for 20 - 29 items

  • 15% for 30 - 49 items

  • 20% for 50 - and more items

Breathtaking ceramic centerpiece stiletto high heel shoe vase used for: Anniversaries
Bat Mitzvah
Bridal Showers
Get Well
Gifts, Graduation
High School Reunions
I'm Sorry
Just Because
Love & Romance
Mothers Day
Retirement Parties
Thank You
Thinking of You
Wedding Proposal Weddings
and much more.....


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Cowboy Boot

Cowboy Boot & High Heel Vase

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